The Magic Bay of the island Rao offers a truly unforgettable getaway experience

Magic Bay Beach Bungalows at the Island Rao, Morotai, North Moluccas, Indonesia.


Rao (at Google Earth and Maps still wrongly spelled Bau), Morotai, is a paradise for lovers of the perfect beach, a clean and crystal-clear ocean, magical and unspoiled nature and ultimate privacy. A great place to stay for your dive or surf holidays.

We just finished our new kitchen and restaurant.

Our two private Beach Bungalows are perfect for accommodating honeymooners, a family with kids or a small group  friends or single travelers. The two very specious bungalows are 700 meters apart from each other. Halfway, at a beautiful spot, the restaurant is located. If you are looking for the even more budget friendly possibilities, then camping at the Magic Bay or staying in our family house in the village of Posi Posi Rao could be the perfect choice.

There is telephone connection and 4G internet connection (not reliable yet), provider Telkomsel. In the village 4G works fine.

To get to Magic Bay Rao Beach Bungalows you fly to Morotai island. There are daily flights from Manado (North Sulawesi) with a short stop at Ternate. From the airport of Daruba it takes only one hour by boat to get to the Magic Bay paradise. We can take care of all arrangements for the transfers for you. A stay at Magic Bay Rao can be easily combined with some or more days at Divers Lodge Lembeh.

The perfect beach. Magic Bay Rao Beach Bungalows.



Batu Kopi, “the coffee rock” 

Batu Kopi, “the coffee rock” and the near forest, “Kota Moro” are mystical and sacred places for the people of North Halmahera. Although now a days all inhabitants of Rao are Christians, they still have their old believes too. They know that the old tribe of the Moro-people live here. – they were the original inhabitants of Rao. Over the centuries, they became invisible.

They welcome you with the aroma of fresh made coffee.

The Magic Rock.

The character of the Magic Bay is unique in many ways. It is very quiet; the only sounds are the sea and the many birds. Except from the fireflies, luminescent mushrooms, stars, the moon and the incredible lighting of the sea, there is no light pollution at all. Nights at the beach are indeed magical.

Most of the very clean, white sandy, 2.000 meters long beach is free of stones or dead corals. Moreover, the sea is very shallow for a long stretch. The reef in front is great for snorkeling and diving. The sandy parts offer good night-dives and critter spotting. There are no buildings at all on the beach. Groups of dolphins frequently visit the bay. Sea turtles use the beach as their hatching ground, also the almost extinct and bizarre Coconut Crabs made this place their home and are easy to spot.

An adventurous one-hour hike leads to a waterfall. One of the two small clear water rivers start here. These beautiful rivers are the home of many birds and butterflies. Although small islands are usually not so rich in bird-life, here we see, among others, Horn-bills, many Common Paradise Kingfishers and Beach Kingfishers. The deeper parts of the river let you have a fresh water bath after the salty ocean.
Walking through the forest and lush gardens is like visiting a ferry-tale. The diversity in trees is huge.

The sea in front of our 2 kilometer long beach is very calm from May until September, but waves with surfing heights occur during December and January.

From 15 May until 15 September the Island of Rao and Morotai offer excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. Rao and Morotai, being at the North tip of Halmahera, are in the middle of the heart of the coral triangle.

See more about Rao and us at the YouTube Channel of Rob Sinke

Magic Bay Rao is a sister company of  Divers Lodge Lembeh and Weda reef and rain forest Resort

Three pieces of paradise

If you stay with us, you directly contribute to our education and conservation projects. Please come and visit our Kindergarten in the village.